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think we should require nert training. we're in a city that the first-responders, even if you had a gazillion firefighters, first of all, most of them don't live here unfortunately and secondly we're going to need all of us when it comes to a big earthquake. when you get this training they say 80% of the people will be needing to be helped. very minorly injureded and then we'll have the training to help them. so i think that would be a really awesome thing if we could all be nert trained and require it. >> mr. resignato, is this time card 3 or 4 for you? >> this is 3. >> from what it sounds like, Û: think i need to become a nert, because i'm a nerd already, but i could become a nert. i love the prevention questions. keep them coming. i'm passionate about prevention. there is a simple thing to make sure that when our earthquake hits we can do what is called "shelter in place." we can keep people in their homes. basically we have lot of multi-family homes with soft understories with a garage, but there is a lot of weight on top. what happened in the loma prieta earthquake, it's
if it's possible or not. but i think we should require nert training. we're in a city that the first-responders, even if you had a gazillion firefighters, first of all, most of them don't live here unfortunately and secondly we're going to need all of us when it comes to a big earthquake. when you get this training they say 80% of the people will be needing to be helped. very minorly injureded and then we'll have the training to help them. so i think that would be a really awesome thing if we could all be nert trained and require it. >> mr. resignato, is this time card 3 or 4 for you? >> this is 3. >> from what it sounds like, Û: think i need to become a nert, because i'm a nerd already, but i could become a nert. i love the prevention questions. keep them coming. i'm passionate about prevention. there is a simple thing to make sure that when our earthquake hits we can do what is called "shelter in place." we can keep people in their homes. basically we have lot of multi-family homes with soft understories with a garage, but there is a lot of weight on top. what happened in the
to reiterate that market-rate apartment in the city is first and foremost a vehicle for investors to make money. and they are not homes. when you are taking stock of the situation of the homes that are created here in the city, please why don't we find out what is a second home and a third home for the people that are buying our city? now later on this afternoon in 15 minutes we're going to have a ceremony for a fallen ambassador. there might be a moment of silence. why do we revere quietness? it's calming. it's soothing. it's what surrounds us. er can i >> thank you. supervisors, thank you for letting me have the time to talk. i am here to represent senior action network. i have been saved from 19 years' of living in my residency in my rent-controlled apartment and senior action network has saved me by letting me use their facilities, they stayed overtime so i could get a deadline and i'm so thankful that i'm in my place. i truly would liketo invite everybody here to come to our fundraiser. here we go. sorry, wrong side. one second. it's going to be hold thursday, november 8th from 6:00 to 8:
. >> so, in summary, this project is the... as rich mentioned the first pace bond for the city of san francisco the first project to receive qbce interest rates report and the first and unique public, private collaboration between the city, the port, the puc, the lodges the johnson controls and we are very excited to participate in this project. that concludes my report. thank you. >> is there any public comment? >> very well. commissioners? >> i just... i for one am very excited as a big proponent for solar power and energy efficientcy. thank you both for all of the hard work on this. >> ditto. >> yeah, i think that we all feel the same, so thank you very much. >> okay. item 9 d, request authorization to issue a request to proposals to rehab tait and retenant the pier 38 bulkhead building located on delancey street and embarcadero. >> my name is john doll and i promise to be brief. this is a follow up to an information item that was presented two weeks ago. regarding a staff recommendation for a selection process for the pier 38 rehabilitation project. at that time, port commissioner
to move the city forward. now join me in welcoming the city's first asian american mayor and i'm very proud to say a member of the lee tribe, the 43rd mayor of san francisco, ed lee. (applause). >> thank you, judy, very much for that introduction. good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> it's great to be here at the san francisco chamber and of course the center for economic development here, your breakfast for 2012, it's my pleasure to be here. i walked in as ed from wells fargo was talking and i just wanted to make sure you knew, i am eternally grateful it the chamber, to wells fargo for helping me create 5,200 jobs for our kids. that's a wonderful accomplishment. i've been your mayor for almost two years now and everybody is coming up to me and asking, are you enjoying it? you know, some of the politics in the city it's hard to enjoy but i will say honestly to steve fox, to the chamber and judy and all of you working together to keep our city successful, i do enjoy creating jobs. and when you see our youth get those paid internships or get that summer job at a number of all
to welcome you to our city of san francisco. and i first want to also echo what our fire chief just said as far as welcoming all of you who have been serving our country and the world in uniform. i want to thank those of you who helped to run our first responder departments around the bay area. i want to thank those of you who are our volunteers, our note programs here. and of course want to thank and welcome our san francisco secretary of state and the woman who manages and orders around that secretary of state, charles m. charlotte schultz. (applause) >> now, this week as you know, there is a lot going on here. and in addition to welcoming you here at the scenier leader seminar, i want to tell you we were so excited that the sls would be here that we decided this weekend to also require the americas cup to celebrate -- to require the san francisco giants to have a play off game, the 49ers to play this weekend, the blue grass festival to be here, the parade, as well as the castro sea fair to coincide and welcome you in style. but i wanted to say a few words about the one thing that keep
, a dynamic democracy, of course with new cooperation, new act of cooperation, first of all, there's always innovation [inaudible] of working in a smart and efficient way. we work together on the program as smart cities where we want san francisco -- other cities to be modern cities but also civilized cities which means that consider that everything we wish for as far as economic development is concerned must consider the environment also, and the quality of the planet on which we live. with mr. lee, we talked about all these questions and of course we are going encourage all of these new companies and everything that enables us to improve our cities and make them a better place to live and less polluted place to live, as may it in transportation, management of energy, in san francisco and in paris, there are innovations that are certainly ahead of many other cities in the world and i want to learn from san francisco and of course paris is there for the san francisco team, may it be a development of electric transportation or automobiles or [inaudible] or the reuse of energy of heat to heat
's resilence we are the first major u.s. city to (inaudible) post katrina where he saw firsthand where a critical role these systems played in the city's recovery. i am honored to chair the council because i feel it's crucial that the public sector work side by side with our private sector partners to do everything we can today to ensure we will meet the needs of our residents in the days, weeks and years after a disaster. the objective of the lifeline council are to develop and improve collaboration in the city and county across regions regularly -- to develop and improve collaboration in the city and across the region by regularly convening a group of senior level operation officers of local and regional life line providers, understanding intersystem dependencies of enhancing planning, restoration and reconstruction, share information about the recovery plans and priorities and establish coordination process for life lines restoration and recovery following a major disaster. i'm going to go back to the last slide and just say today's conversation i want to focus around the specific
associations, merchant groups, churches, nonprofit organizations, city officials, and first responders. the task of this local coordinating council was to figure out how do we deal with that first 72 hours and how do we recover? and we've learned an awful lot as we've developed these relationships and how do we avoid the mistakes that were made after hurricane katrina? but what we've also found is that by simply convening these groups, we are preparing ourselves not just for what happens after a disaster, but we are literally building our community today. with this coordinating council, we're figuring out how to fix the potholes, how to deal with the literally million people who are going to descend on our neighborhood this weekend, how to take care of the needs that we have, not just in the future after the big one, but today in 2012. and by bringing us together today, by tackling and talking about the problems we'll deal with tomorrow, we're actually achieving many things here at this moment in october. and, so, i want to ask you to think about how it is that you can help us to build
. we learned from those mistakes and invested in people first and that's what the grants recognize and that's how the city is going about doing t i am very proud. i am very proud because -- you know, busty posy hit a grand slam and we all celebrate that and i'm going to use baseball analogies all along and these grants don't win the series or the whole ball game but they are important building blocks of steps of confidence that involve the people. the next people up at bat are the people themselves and you're going to get trained in the people that we need. you're going to help us create better schools with our school district because that is part of the neighborhood. better transportation systems. small businesses that have all of the streets we're rebuilding and the old redevelopment and the successor agency called office of community investment and infrastructure. they're succeeding. they're the ones there. they're going to use smart investment strategies with the communities to build businesses there. we learned. you just can't put poor people in housing and expect them
francisco city clinic in launching the first demonstration project of pre-exposure prophylaxis, taking antihiv medicines to prevent new infections. we're studying topical gels, retro microbicide. the way we're going to end this epidemic is through a vaccine, we've controlled other infectious diseases through a cure. we're proud of our staff who contribute to this as well as the many study participants. and i'm just going to close with a quick word about the project. the way that this project came about was actually one of our staff members, janey vincent who is our graphic designer, you'll see some of her beautiful work inside, noticed that there was -- she's hiding. (applause) >> she noticed that president obama had designated part of his stimulus money to nih for the national institutes of health and they were putting a billion dollars to research infrastructure, biomedical research infrastructure, something that's never happened before. she said, you know, we don't have enough space in our section. all of the three units had grown so much that we really needed more space. she said,
space all across the city. >> george, how would you like to respond? >> i would like to respond first by saying thanks, richard, for inviting me. what has happened to the park system where groups throughout san francisco are now getting together to say no to another park bond. why is this happening? is the park system really being effective in san francisco? the same national trust for public grants, which matt just mentioned, we are one of the best-funded parks in the country. yet you see so many parks with problems. you see so many people that are having problems with the recreation and parks department as they never listen to neighborhood concerns, they don't deal with neighborhood concerns, and what's happened is we feel that we have paid for these parks and we feel like we paid 100 percent. the mayor's office has stopped this payment and the city keeps asking the people who live in san francisco, the voters, to pass bonds to continue it support the park system. the 2012 bpbld was originally scheduled for 2014 and it has been moved up. about 41 percent of the 2008 bond, 73 mi
where people can go up there because the first thing when you visit a city you want to go to the tallest building or one of the tallest buildings to see the view. it's just human nature. people like that. and i think it's -- if it can work in and if there is a way that could be, without destroying the commercial character of the building, but making that a possibility, it certainly wouldn't have to be the entire 18,000 square feet of the top floor, but there might be a way to work something in there. >> commissioner sugaya. >> yes, i did see that letter from alisandro asking us to consider that, the observation deck. i was thinking there isn't an observation deck in any of the high-rises in san francisco, short of having to go to the top of the mark for a drink or something like that. the only one i can think of that's really public is in golden gate park in the museum. so, i think we're trying to urge you to at least take a look at that and consider it somewhat seriously at this point. transamerica -- i'm sorry, it sucked back then, it still does. it's a lousy piece of architecture and
, the wealthy real estate developers and the highly-paid city employees. i recently completed two years of service on the sunshine ordinance task force and i served as chair for the last year that have and i saw what i'm talking about first-hand. the sunshine ordinance task force mediates disputes between the members of the public and city hall when the people want to get public information and access to open government. we have to end the cycle of making the rich wealthy while slowly eliminating the middle class. i will bring much-needed integrity and ethics back to our city government. i will demand accountability for the use of our taxpayer money and our bond money and make sure that it gets used for services that we need instead of pet projects and special interests. last year we were asked to support a bond for street repair, this november we are being asked for the second time within five years to support a bond for park maintenance, despite the fact that the money from the first bond for park maintenance, $47 million of it has not been used and the committee that is tasked with o
. these parks are the most heavily used in the city. i think the call for a need for a particular attention to improvement is there. i would agree that i would have liked to see what's actually called out to be first in priority, but as i understand, there are c-e-q-a problems or other kind of restrictions that wouldn't allow that. so, i would move to approve. >> second. >> commissioner moore. >> would the city attorney be able to advise as to whether or not there are any other tentative language that could be added in order to satisfy both concerns with other citizens that for parks will take up all funding priorities? and that is their concern. i'm not speaking about myself. that is what the public asked me to communicate. and is there a way of adding additional language which indeed supports the idea of what is implied and described by commissioner wu yet does not basically say because of the way generalizes [speaker not understood] expression chinatown parks, that that freezes all other funding for anything else? and this project will be implemented over a long time frame where many oth
, with radio, with newspapers with magazines, anyone who covers city business who has -- who covers anything to do with events and activities and people, that take place in this city. so i'm very much concerned that this is - is -- could be a first amendment issue with how this is implemented that -- because it is a little strange that this is being handled by a transit agency, rather than the police or a city hall department that does this. so i'd appreciate it if you have these questions answered or that you've gotten full support from small outfits that don't have a lot of money or just a few employees versus others such as the chronicle that have lots of money. th9- you. >> chairman nolan: thank you. next speaker. >> david pilpel is the last person who has turned in a speaker card. >> david pilpel on 10.6. i won't repeat comments from 10.5 but will state this is an oral request for public information under the sunshine ordinance for all documents old0+bú definitions of the medin general. but i just want to conclude again by saying that there's no explanation as to why the be used to ex
around our campus. it will also help us meet the city's goal of of 20% by 2020. we did a survey last fall and we found when asked why people chose not to ride their bike to campus there were three primary reasons. first was theft, concerned about bikes being stolen. we will build covered secured parking on campus. second was safety, fear of riding in city traffic, especially -- on fell and oak, the major arteries that people have to ride or cross to get to campus. the third reason was hills. we know the wiggle addresses that. we're trying to address the theft issue on our campus. but the safety issue is one that you can really help us with. last -- a month ago we had a orientation and many parents were bringing students to campus. i was out tabling and chairing with parents what we're trying to do with supporting students bicycling to and from campus. painchts raised concern about safety of their children, didn't feel safe allowing children to have bicycles on our campus. i think again by taking this step and moving forward with it i think what is an amazing project and one that's been ca
, california. i'm sorry, first jane in new york city. >> that afternoon. i appreciate you. you raised the question of of only one woman being in the book. you did not answer that question and i would like to revisit it. my concern is that there is only one woman. there are several women inventors. why out of all african american inventors fair, white is there only one -- why is there only one -- and all only one -- and all the ones we did during black history month, okay, joy, thanks. >> the ones that we were able to work fine, -- the ones we were able to find, of course, there could be a book on women inventors. all the other ones we thought were significant and we didn't want to exclude women. so we made sure that we had our women's invention. the woman whose future. >> you are also very involved in education, which is a big effort to get science technology and math and engineering and the like. is this in concert without ever? >> yes, i think that is a fact that all the people that are heroes in this book, they are mathematicians and engineers and, a chemist and other people involv
be kind of -- the people that oppose this might be forgetting big picturotzc things here. city of san francisco has a transit first policy, that means$r; obtaining rights for anything other than the private automobile which includes bicyclists and we know thatg:n plan. the point is if you're eliminating parking as a reason that it's not good forkl8sn cars you've got to realize sfmta has reached out to create a newm÷ parking program for residential parking in the area, there's a lot of free and easy parkingkug in my opinion because i can find parking for a suburban that i use2
business tax. over a decade ago, a lawsuit forced our city to use a business tax that is problematic for many reasons. first and foremost, it is a tax on jobs. every time a local employer hires someone there is a business payroll tax that's levied on that person. secondly, it is a tax that is only levied on 10 percent of all businesses and many of these are small businesses who have really been asking for reform for many many years. currently we are the only city in the state of california that uses this business payroll tax. our city government, we spent 6 months earlier this year in conversations with many leaders within the community to propose a change to a so-called gross receipts tax, which is superior on a number of levels. first and foremost, it's a tax on revenue. it's a tax on profit. it's also a progressive tax, unlike the current flat tax it's a tax that exempts small businesses that have revenues of less than a million dollars but it also increases taxes for our most successful and our largest businesses. then the last thing i will mention, it is a tax that will help
access, which is the very basic requirements from just what the first screen will look like on what the citizens will see when they access our website, and it will match the city's websiteses since this is a city-wide software program. we already renewed all the initial historical data conversion requirements with the vendor. we've got a list of items that we're working on to be able to transfer the nice data migration completely transferred over, more or less. we've also connected the vendor server to build out the gis system currently in planning with all the address and the owner parcel information interfaces. that's also with the city program, the city address database. so, that is already being completed as we speak. and then, of course, we had staff that participated in the user conference that was held in, it was actually product and technical training classes. a lot of our staff attended that. a lot of planning staff attended that. the next steps on the process or on the software is to build -- is for the vendor to actually build the approved change orders into the core conf
are three things, first, jobs. we need them. we need good paying union jobs. and this project will bring those. second is growth. this city needs the growth of this tower to stimulate the economy to bring more money into this downtown area, just in general keep things moving forward and help to get us out of this recession. third is an attraction. this building will be a signature building. it will be an attraction. it will continue to spur tourism and again go back into the economy. so, i think that just in general i want to urge you to approve these items and adopt these measures so that this project go can go forward. thank you. >> thank you. * any additional public comment? seeing none, the public comment portion is closed. yes. [speaker not understood]. >> there are several new people in the audience who maybe don't have the history on the planning and zoning. it might be worth briefly going over kind of where we came from and how we got here. this project is the center piece of a planning effort that's been going on for probably six years and it was the result of an effort to look
into the location for which we need to get to. in fact, we suffered tlie that in a lot of the big cities just even during commute times if there's a minor emergency getting tlau and we have a relationship with the city here in san francisco where the fire department and the first responders have reached out to us and will help us get there. i can't say we have that everywhere in our state. certainly in a major event, that would be our concern, our ability to get our work force into the bay area given the type of infrastructure we have here. >> thank you. mr. brig. >> i would add, we don't have aircraft that can lift heavy bull dozers so we would be looking to the state for that. that would be a mutual aid call pretty quick. >> verizon wireless would be the same. the most important thing is for us to get our resources where they need to work where they can repair or reroute traffic where it needs to be. one of our main offices is located in the south bay. that way we don't have to worry about bridge access to get into the peninsula or san francisco if the situation occurs, but if the situation d
. >> first of all, on behalf of the city of brookfield, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this crime. >> reporter: three were killed, four injured. the ages were 32, 30, 40, and 22. still working on getting the identities of those women. they all had t undergo surgery r their injuries. also reports, harris, of the explosive device that was possibly there. the reason they thought that earlier is there was a small fire in the hallway, and a propane tank was found in there. now what we're learning this evening, not sure if it was left behind by the suspect or if it was just for routine maintenance. > >> harris: so many questions. it wasn't long ago that we were reporting on a different mass shooting in the state of wisconsin. >> reporter: in fact, those attempted by the sic sikh temple shooting, a 40-year-old killed six people and injured three others before fatally shooting himself just south of milwaukee. >> harris: anna kooiman, thank you very much. an update to a story we first brought you last night. the search for the man accused of gunning down a family near los ang
pools each and every day here in the city. we protect public health and safety and environment because we are discharging into the bay and into the ocean. this is essentially the first treatment here at our waste water treatment facility. what we do is slow down the water so that things either settle to the bottom or float to the top. you see we have a nice selection of things floating around there, things from bubble gum wrappers, toilet paper, whatever you dump down the toilet, whatever gets into our storm drains, that's what gets into our waste water treatment and we have to clean. >> see these chains here, this keeps scum from building up. >> on this end in the liquid end basically we're just trying to produce a good water product that doesn't negatively impact the receiving water so that we have recreation and no bad impact on fish and aquatic life. solids is what's happening. . >> by sludge, what exactly do you mean? is that the actual technical term? . >> it's a technical term and it's used in a lot of different ways, but this is organic sewage sludge. basically what it is is, o
that we wouldn't be capturing some of the projects that the city was considering as of right. so that was the concern that i had. the first amendment, the one regarding the review of the affordable pieces i'm completely in favor of and fine with that. >> supervisor wiener? >> so if i could just clarify with supervisor olague. the area that i think supervisor olague has expressed concern with is basically four words on page 4, line 24 of the amendment. that states, "to the planning commission," and i want to make sure that i'm correct in my interpretation of supervisor olague's remarks she is okay with the remainder of the amendment, but not with "to the planning commission." with that i would move to divide the amendment so we can vote on everything except the phrase "to the planning commission." and vote on that separately and if we could take the first amendment and ask the planning department staff to address the second amendment. >> okay. so supervisor wiener has amended the amendments. you withdraw your initial amendment and the revised amendment is the language he has
, landscaping through the city. on the day of the incident i was the operations chief at the incident command poach at ocean beach. >> good morning, i'm captain houston with the california national guard. i'm with first marine briged. i've been coming to san francisco since may for the planning efforts and i got to participate in the com drill with 6 marines and we were dispersed from all 3 different sites. >> good morning, everybody, my name is michelle geddis, i'm with the san francisco department of emergency management, i'm responsible for the project management ofrs and one of our major programs is the interoperatability program. so i was more than delighted to be part of this com exercise, i was able to be an evaluator at the ocean beach location and we have a lot of lessons learned to talk about. thanks. >> one of the challenges that we have in civilian and also you as military is that common operating picture. how do we make sure that all of our resources in the field, back in the command post, have the same operating picture and we can ensure that we have an unity of effort of eve
think "sex in the city was playing -- sex in the city" was playing. >> i gott. i want to ask about the biggest lesson you have learned. let's take a quick break and we will be ght back. first, o hot minute. >> training governmt and contract work forces was prominent in the media with the proclamation of october as national security -- cyber security awareness month. 11 tips were issued on building a better prepared workforce. the recommendations included creating a dedicateded server security career path and proven opportunities for veterans. federal news radio reports said the relatively new cyber security work force framework developed by 20 different agencies is having a significant impact on defining and prepari a better trained work force. "the wall street journal" reports on what raytheon is doing to prepare its own worork forc finally, new research put statistics to the public sector workforce usage of srtphone r businessse, and the concerns they had about security. ease go to wjl [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios. it's about getting o
of the health plan. that is owned by jeffrey thompson. chartered health is the city's largest manager of healthcare. its contract with the dc government valued at more than $350 million. our source says the missing 5 million was discovered in an audit we first reported thursday night that dc officials board of directors jeff thompson and others signed places to put the company under a receiver. that receiver is authorized to seek a buyer for chartered health plan. >> coming up, a very special moment for an 8-year-old girl's gym class. a long awaited surprise reunion. >> the band is strutting down georgia avenue today. big crowds for the homecoming weekend. we're going to fake you there. >> it was a gorgeous saturday, but even better weather. look at your wake up forecast. clear and then sunny as we head to 8:00 a.m. temperatures will be 40s and 50s by 8:00. then we'll warm into the 60s in >>> a moment a little girl won't soon forget. the 8 years was sitting in class when she got a special surprise. her mom, an army sergeant, walked into the school gym. >> i love you. >> i love you, to
the clean up going on at the start line, and off in the distance, you see the first wave of runners as they near the finish line. i want to show you a shot from our city cam. and it is a ten mile course with 30,000 runners. this is the third largest ten mile course in the world. there are some wounded warrior participants. we have seen them in the hand cycles and the wheelchairs that made it across. they were the first wave to lead i want to show you the map this race took. they started here near the pentagon, crossed the memorial bridge. they took a circuit by the lincoln memorial. an iconic ruth, up to the west end of the capital, and back down to the title basin, and now across the 14th street bridge to make their way back here to the south end of the pentagon where the race is ending. and of course some of the street closures are still going on there because the last of those runners are making their way across the last of the course, and of course, again, you're encouraged to take an alternate root. now, benefits of this race go to benefit military families and their leisure an
was locked. eviction notice posted on the front door. peter is owned by inner-city entertainment also owns the theater on the west side. weeks ago before halloween the goodman theater hosted its first costume sale. the 5 years. it's the last time will see these costumes that we put blood sweat and tears into building its fun to see them go to good homes. some of those turn-of- the-century costumes cost $5,000 to make. participants gathered at o'hare airport today to experience a one-of-a-kind opportunity. the hosting a 5 k run. the chance to see united airlines plane up close their ran and walked around the runway. organizers opened up community day food and entertainment was provided and families got a chance to take pictures in front of a large airplane. the warmups' starts tomorrow. 11 degrees above what we saw today in chicago when the high-temperature made it up to 59 degrees. chicago is that 48 degrees plenty of warm air residing up the central and northern plains will that in fact make its way into chicago cloudiness will be on the increase late tomorrow that will be the precursor
. this is the first report i have seen where they have started analyzing private business practices. i think the civil grand jury should be about auditing city government. they are now geting into private business. i have some concerns about that, particularly when it's volunteers who frankly are not private business owners and don't necessarily know it. and these concerns really started to grow beyond just getting into private business affairs. the civil grand jury exercising legal analyses and providing legal opinion, which was the biggest concern that i had with their report last year on park merced. all of a sudden you have a report that has the stamp of the superior court and not one member of civil grand jury was an attorney and yet they offer a legal opinion. i think the civil grand jury in a sense needs to check itself and make sure it gets back to its original mission of auditing city government and focusing on all practices and refrain from fashioning itself as a city-attorney or refrain from becoming the city controller. it's the civil grand jury. stick to your responsibilities. do those we
and vallejo streets in the city's north beach neighbor. san francisco police evacuated a building after emergency responders reportedly found dangerous chemicals at the scene of an paernlg suicide. dispatchers got the emergency call around 7:30 tonight. first responders reportedly smelled some sort of chemical as soon as they arrived on the scene. now the fire department is working to clear the chemicals. the red cross is assisting people who were evacuated. the area shut down to traffic. this is a developing situation. we will update as we get new details. >>> now to our continuing coverage of the giants' playoff run. the bay area is abuzz with excitement as the giants prepare to play game six of the national league championship series tomorrow. thanks in large part to pitcher barry zito who led the team to victory last night. as nbc bay area's kimberly tere found. >> reporter: the giants arrived home layoff last night. winning game five in the national league championship series. the giants need to win tomorrow and then monday to make it into the world series against detroit. >> they'
that we could bring forward to the voters in the city and county of san francisco which was passed and we know that that is not the final step that the first of many things that we are going to have to do to make sure that we have a balanced budget. the worst thing that we can do is to make sure that we need to make sure that pensions are going to be there for people when they retire and we need to do everything possible to make sure that we live up to the obligations that we promised people when they started working. >> mr. bryer. >> pension is something that is critically important for the state. and we have huge obligations in the pension funds that have been unfunded and right now we are assuming something like a 7 and a half percent on pension returns when the private sector the returns are, you know, anticipated around 4 percent. and so this is an area where we have to be honest about how can we insure that people who have worked and who have contributed are going to have pensions in the future? and so, we really have to, approach i got very excited about was what i redid in san fra
you, this was a job well done, it could be a model for any city to follow. so chief before you give your report, i want to congratulate the members of this department and thanks them. >> that was first of my report, so thank you. >> it was a very, very busy weekend but i think that the planning clearly showed over the last week and it was very well done. and i think that the media got the word out and notified the public. the bay area county... over and i appreciate that. i think that we also forget how much that the media does for the public in getting the word out. we did experience some issues with black blog and protests on the 6th. we had issues with the significant amount of downage, not only to those private property but also to public property, including officers that took paint bags. their uniforms were destroyed. two officers were injured. one with cuts to the arm and another one with cuts to his eye. obviously none life-threatening, but they were injured. but, i am particularly proud of professionalism showed by all of the officers on the street. there were very few incid
catastrophe instead -- he has earned a second term. mitt romney does not deserve a first. that is from the salt lake city tribune. steve is on the phone from florida, a republican line. good morning. caller: hello, how are you. i believe the endorsements do matter, but i believe in newspapers and any other publications that i have followed are quite honestly right wing speakers. i do not think they should put out endorsements because somebody like myself, i have to be able to talk to people -- a newspaper can reach millions of people. who is writing the endorsement? they have a much larger scale to go and talk about who they want to vote for. i think it ought to do the news and that is just picked. host: thank you for the call. this is from the twitter page. another look at the salt lake city tribune. obama has earned a second term. caller: good morning and thank you to c-span. i just wanted to say that i do not think newspapers really matter all that much. i subscribe to the tampa bay times. when i talk to people -- i work at a country club. what i talk to a lot of people out there, t
itself again. still ahead on update news, speed city might be coming back to campus. and well show you a hockey team that is making news in the bay area, while the sharks are still in a lockout. but first, we asked students if they knew who the men on the statues are. ">>>"so from what i've heard, they were the first black olympians to win in the olympics and they went to the school." tim vantress joins us for sports, tim i hear theres a new option for hockey fans to turn to during this nhl lockout, is that true? yes it is lexy, and this applies to any fan in the bay area who wants to watch some good local hockey. the n-h-l is on ice and no one knows when it's going to end. the growing hockey community in the bay area has been looking for a new team to cheer for . . . and they may have found something. take a look. ">>>(nat pop of check against the wall) at first glance, you would think this is an n-h-l hockey game. judging by how loud the crowd has been this season at sharks ice . . . (nat sound crowd cheering) many people would be guessing the same thing. . . . but with the n-h-l pla
. and the view from our city camera looking very, very nice. temperatures on the chilly side first thing. 30,000 folks out to run the army ten miler, perfect running weather today. temperatures all over the place, 51 downtown, but 37 in monasis. 48 in martinsburg. no raun in to worry about today. high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, and if you say chuck, i insist it be warmer than this, wait still you see the seven day forecast. >> a man was shot and robbed in montgomery county. the victim was taken to the hospital but she expect d to be okay. they have identified the people who may have been involved in the armed robbery, no one is in custody yet though. >> a 7-year-old girl is recovering after she was burn d by anti-freeze. police say the girl was sprayed with the anti-freeze as her father worked on his car. she was flown to washington burn center. there's no word on her condition this morning. also in fairfax county, a man dies after a tree fell on top of him. this happened yesterday afternoon along mcmillen court. he was cutting down the tree when it tumbled over on to him. police
to thank all of you for joining us this evening. governor dukakis, yours is the first closing statement, sir. >> 28 years ago, as a young man just graduated from law school, i came to this city, came clear across the country, to watch john kennedy be nominated for the presidency of the united states, right here in los angeles. i never dreamed that some day i would win that nomination and be my party's nominee for president. that's america. that's why i'm proud and grateful to be a citizen of this country. 26 days from today you and millions of americans will choose two people to lead us into the future as president and vice president of the united states. our opponents say, things are okay. don't rock the boat. not to worry. they say we should be satisfied. but i don't think we can be satisfied when we're spending $150 billion a year in interest alone on the national debt, much of it going to foreign bankers, or when 25% of our high school students are dropping out of school, or when we have 2.5 million of our fellow citizens, a third of them veterans, who are homeless and living on str
are in the first stage of engagement, in second stage, backup, third stage, showing up for rallies and marchs, showing up in city council halls. half of democracy's showing up. those of you who are under 30 in this room, you can assail yourself as being a generation that doesn't show up. and you don't show up in part because you've grown up corporate without a fraction of the civic experience of people who were fighting the civil rights battle as students in the south and in other parts of the country, putting earth day on the map for environmental focus in april 1970, 1500 events around the country. and being embroiled in controversy over the vietnam war, student rights on campus, many other issues. those gave students experience. they came back, they talked to students who didn't go out with them, it was of an educational process. they had teach-ins. they didn't look at screens all the time. they didn't have text messages. they didn't have e-mail. they had to face to face each other. and, therefore, you would see at cafeterias arguments and discussion about the major confrontations. it did
. >> reporter: there's an ongoing debate over how informants are used. in 2006, the so-called liberty city seven were secretly recorded by the fbi. mainly homeless men in miami with an inform a culesed in a plot to blow up federal buildings and chicago's sears tower. after the first of two mistrials a jury foreman said this. >> i don't think any of us on the jury really felt these guys were really that dangerous or really "terrorists." >> reporter: after a third trial, five of the men were convicted. last year, in another controversial case involving this man, the fbi dropped its investigation because according to sources, there were questions about possible entrapment involving an informant. new york city authorities say the case is solid and are prosecuting jose pimentel, an alleged al qaeda sympathizer accused of plotting to set off pipe bombs. police couoffered this mock-up powerful the bombs could have been. those images or just the prospect of them can be enough to convince juries, according to cnn national security analyst peter bergen. >> there's 100% conviction or pleading guilty rate.
for art lovers. for that was the day that guggenheim museum opened in new york city, designed by the legendary frank lloyd wright, the guggenheim is a kur vaish us disruption of manhattan's rectilinear street grid featuring a dizzying rotunda with a spiral ramp. from the first not everyone liked the guggenheim design. one critic compared it to a washing machine. but in a tv interview during construction write made it clear he didn't care. >> heard a lot of that type of reaction. i've always discounted it as worthless. i think it is. >> osgood: though write did not live to see the completed building, millions of others have in the more than half century since. beholding exhibits as eclectic as the exhibit itself. from motorcycles displayed as works of art to a circular celebration of picasso, whose art is currently on display. to the comforting realism of norman rockwell. the guggenheim has hoafed them all. sometimes the building itself has been part of the show >> have you worked here before never reporter: 12 years ago we sat beside artist pike as he transformed the rotunda i
debate was sponsored by the league of women voters and held in kansas city missouri. >> good evening from the kentucky center for the arts in louisville, kentucky. i'm dorothy ridings, president of the league of women voters, the sponsor of tonight's first presidential debate between republican ronald reagan and democrat walter mondale. our panelists are a syndicated columnist for universal press syndicate, the chief diplomatic correspondent for nbc news, the executive editor in the new republic magazine, and the diplomatic correspondent for the baltimore sun. now a syndicated columnist is our moderator. >> a brief word about our procedure tonight, the first question will go to mr. mondale and then the panel member who put the question will ask a follow-up. that will be limited to one minute. after that the same question will be put to president reagan and there will be a follow up and each man will have one minute for battle. the second question will go to president reagan and and the alternating will continue. then there will be four minutes summations. we have asked the question is to
the officers and thank them and tell them we're very appreciative of them as first-responders in the city. >> i was in new york when it happened and it's always odd for me to think back to that time. so onto some news. you have a lot to talk about today and we're going to try to keep it as organized as possible. you have announcements and policy discussions and i think we should start with you -- i just love the fact, last time you were here on stage, the only office he had run for was class president of high school. >> that is right. >> now you have two elections behind you, one as mayor as well. it's just amazing. you have another one -- how long are you mayor? >> four-year term. >> so you have three more years? >> yes, and then re-election. >> and you want to get some stuff done and some of that is around innovation. and you have called this the innovation capital of world. >> unabashedly. >> i have seen the banner at the airport. >> oh, gosh of course. >> tell me about your plans >> when i was inaugurated in january, i had gone through pretty intense re-election and
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